About Us

Come be a part our history!
The residents of Ravenwood would like to invite you to visit our town, where our passion for hospitality will make your family want to stay forever, and the surrounding natural beauty will leave you spellbound. From torrential rains and chilly temperatures to clear skies and hot days—we have it all!

We are proud of our town, a place where you can watch the amazing sunset over the ocean, or learn about the chilling, yet extraordinary history of Ravenwood’s origins by paying a visit to the local Historical Society. One infamous Urban Legend regarding Ravenwood is that our timeless history includes women that were accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials supposedly fled to this area. 

Whatever has haunted you enough to visit, you'll create memories that will last forever! Cheer on the Giants at a Redwood High football game, or walk in the footsteps of the past at the site of historic Ravenwood Church. Join us for Heritage Day and watch the Miss Ravenwood Beauty Pageant. Consider a hike through the paths that line the woods, there’s a very good chance you’ll spot one of the many forest creatures living there. 
Before you leave, experience our Wiccan history, our diverse community, and our stunning vistas. Don't let the endless, billowy fog dissuade you from touring the legendary Craven Manor or hiking in our woodlands.
It's no secret that you'll be magically drawn to our town. Ravenwood is where you belong!