Our Community!


Ravenwood Community!
Ravenwood is a rural community catering to residents, witch enjoy the feeling of living in a smaller and more respectable neighborhood. A magical balance of old and new, today’s Ravenwood maintains its charming facade while catering to the needs of visitors from around the world. Shop, dine, hike the woods, and enjoy the quaint, magical atmosphere of this coastal town.

Some of the town's conservative residents oppose modernization and the transformation of the town into a tourist attraction, because of it’s claim for having a high level of paranormal phenomena. However, the Heritage Founders are committed to maintaining a safe place for our visitors.  
So, take some time out of your busy schedule and enjoy a magical vacation here. Row after row of quaint Victorian houses, a gorgeous wooded landscape, witch shows different sides of its natural beauty with the passing of each day, from sunrise to late afternoon to sunset.
We welcome anyone who enjoys a walk in the Ravenwood fog to join us.