Escape to a magical place!


Welcome to Ravenwood, California!
Pop. 43,513 … Give or Take

Ravenwood is a unique travel destination—and we’re not just talking about its under-worldly nightlife!

The Ravenwood Heritage Founders welcomes you to the charming town of Ravenwood, with many urban legends, like it’s a mystical place built over a gateway into Hell, with some extremely unusual residents, and haunted attractions, including a lovely strip of Northern California beach, the infamous, fortress-y Craven Manor, and the mysterious Muir Woods National Park, home of the redwoods. Ravenwood is located in Marin County, California, which neighbors Madrone Woodlands, Mystic Peak, and Larkspur.

Stop by the local hangout, Luna Pizza with it’s extreme fun-ness, yummy food, and live bands, or visit the Java Jolt for an extra delicious caffeinated beverage! 

Stroll through the many wiggy cemeteries of deathage, like Shadowland Memorial, or take the kids over to the creeptastic Purgatory Park to do the playground thing! 

Not far from Ravenwood is the town of Mystic Peaks with lots of coolness and touristy shops like Everyday Magicks that has nightshade, love potions, and even ancient spellbooks on dark magicks on sale daily.

As if the sights and sounds of San Francisco Bay Area weren't enough to keep visitors completely enthralled, Ravenwood has much excellent restaurants, cool Victorian homes, along with beautiful redwood forests and fern canyons.

The weather can be much with foggy and coldness in this area—the Marin climate is often compared with Seattle, so bring extra warm clothing. Even in the warmest summer months, the occasional chilly weather can settle in the bones.
From majestic redwoods and old-fashioned, if not unhaunted Victorian homes, and spook-fest forests—these are just some of the uber magick that awaits you in the seaside township of Ravenwood!

Nowadays, all kinds of varied individuals make their homes in Ravenwood with its magickal magnetism, and once you’ve been here for a while, you’ll never get want to leave!

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