Town History!

Learn more about our diverse history! 
Ravenwood, California is a coastal town, witch neighbors Madrone Woodlands and is southwest of Larkspur, California near Mount Tamalpais, at an elevation of 43 feet (13 m). As of 2009, the city's estimated population was 13,131. With its tree-lined streets, this quaint town is framed by beautiful redwoods. Established in the 1850's, the architecture is reminiscent of Maine with its grand Victorians and quaint Saltbox cottages. Vast forests of majestic redwoods make up our picturesque backyard. The town’s almost magical charm and sweeping beauty is a must see!

It has been suggested that at various times the area was once the territory of different Native American tribes, which made use of the woods. The uncertainty about which Native Americans were present on what is now as Deadwood Grove is due to its position as a cultural and ethnic frontier area, and lacking large, permanent villages, which might be easily identified as to tribal affiliation.

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