Victorian Garden Tours!
While you're visiting Ravenwood, don't forget to tour the Craven Manor estate, and view this Gothic mansion and its Victorian gardens! 

The mansion is located a few miles south of the downtown area. Rumors surrounding the history of the stately Craven Manor have circulated for decades. One such tale revolves around an eccentric heiress named, Rowan Broussard, who began a construction project in 1891 of such magnitude that it was to occupy the lives of carpenters and craftsmen until her death thirteen years later. (Photo below taken of mansion before construction 1995). 

The mansion is filled with so many inexplicable oddities, that visitors often get lost in its confusing labyrinth of corridors. Outwardly, the mansion has a formidable appeal, constructed with a fusion of Gothic and Victorian architectural styles, which closely resembled the features of an American Carpenter Gothic design that was often characterized by steep gables and pointed windows. After Rowan's mysterious death September 13, 1929 and unexplained fatalities of several others, it has come to be known as the infamously, haunted Craven Manor.
The estate is currently owned by the Donovan family. They had major renovations completed in 2011 and most of restoration was overseen by Anthony Evans of Castro Valley, California. Interestingly, the family refuses to sale their home in Ravenwood despite the claim of the strong paranormal activity. (Tours of the mansion and gardens are available by reservation only.)

Madrone Woodlands surrounding Ravenwood is acres of mixed coniferous forest. Not merely breathtakingly beautiful, the land is wild and natural, with islands of second-growth redwood emerging from the hardwood canopy, and vigorous stands of native bunch grass.
The nearest State Park is located north in the redwood forest on Little Lake Road, about 100 miles north of San Francisco. View Map
Seasons/Climate/Recommended clothing!
The weather can be changeable; layered clothing is recommended.
Warning: Teens are never to wander off alone in the woods.